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Valio Ltd. is a Finnish dairy company that has been in operation since 1905. The company has a strong focus on sustainability and has been working towards decarbonisation for several years. Valio is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and has set ambitious targets to achieve this goal.

One of the key ways that Valio is working towards decarbonisation is through its corporate energy strategy. The company has invested heavily in renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. Valio has also implemented energy efficiency measures across its operations, including the use of energy-efficient lighting and equipment.

In addition to its renewable energy investments, Valio has also entered into corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) to support the development of new renewable energy projects. Through these agreements, Valio is able to purchase renewable energy directly from the source, reducing its reliance on fossil fuels and supporting the growth of the renewable energy sector.

Valio's commitment to renewable energy is reflected in its corporate sustainability strategy, which includes a target to use 100% renewable electricity by 2035. The company is also working to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2035, compared to its 2015 baseline.

Valio's sustainability efforts have been recognized by a number of organizations. In 2020, the company was awarded the European Dairy Association's Sustainability Award for its work in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable farming practices.

In addition to its sustainability efforts, Valio is also committed to producing high-quality dairy products. The company operates several production facilities across Finland, including milk processing plants, cheese factories, and ice cream factories.

Valio's product range includes a wide variety of dairy products, including milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt. The company is known for its high-quality products, which are made using locally sourced ingredients and traditional Finnish recipes.

Valio's commitment to sustainability and quality has helped it to build a strong reputation both in Finland and internationally. The company exports its products to over 60 countries around the world, and its products are widely recognized for their quality and taste.

Overall, Valio Ltd. is a leading Finnish dairy company that is committed to sustainability and decarbonisation. Through its investments in renewable energy and corporate power purchase agreements, the company is working to reduce its carbon footprint and support the growth of the renewable energy sector. With its focus on quality and sustainability, Valio is well-positioned to continue to grow and succeed in the years to come.

✓ Declared Net Zero commitment