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SkyWest Inc is a leading American airline holding company that operates a fleet of regional airlines in North America. The company has a strong commitment to sustainability and is actively working towards decarbonisation by investing in renewable energy and reducing its carbon footprint. SkyWest Inc is headquartered in St. George, Utah, and has a workforce of more than 15,000 employees.

Decarbonisation is a key priority for SkyWest Inc, and the company has set ambitious targets to reduce its carbon emissions. The company has committed to reducing its carbon intensity by 30% by 2030, and to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. To achieve these targets, SkyWest Inc is investing in a range of initiatives, including the use of sustainable aviation fuel, the adoption of more fuel-efficient aircraft, and the implementation of energy-efficient practices across its operations.

One of the key ways that SkyWest Inc is reducing its carbon footprint is through the use of renewable energy. The company has invested in a number of renewable energy projects, including wind and solar farms, to power its operations. By using renewable energy, SkyWest Inc is able to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and lower its carbon emissions.

In addition to investing in renewable energy, SkyWest Inc is also exploring corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) as a way to support the growth of renewable energy. A corporate PPA is a long-term agreement between a company and a renewable energy provider, where the company agrees to purchase a certain amount of renewable energy at a fixed price. By entering into a corporate PPA, SkyWest Inc is able to support the development of new renewable energy projects, while also securing a reliable and cost-effective source of renewable energy for its operations.

SkyWest Inc is also focused on improving its corporate energy efficiency to reduce its energy consumption and lower its carbon emissions. The company has implemented a range of energy-saving measures across its operations, including the use of energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems, and the installation of smart building controls. By improving its energy efficiency, SkyWest Inc is able to reduce its energy costs and carbon emissions, while also improving the comfort and productivity of its employees.

Overall, SkyWest Inc is a leader in the aviation industry when it comes to sustainability and decarbonisation. The company's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint through the use of renewable energy, corporate PPAs, and energy-efficient practices is setting a new standard for the industry. As the world continues to shift towards a low-carbon economy, SkyWest Inc is well-positioned to thrive and continue to deliver value to its customers, employees, and shareholders.

✓ Declared Net Zero commitment