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City of San Diego CA


Which other companies from United States of America are actively involved in decarbonization initiatives?
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  • The City of San Diego CA is a local government entity that operates in the Southern California region of the United States. The City is responsible for providing essential services to its residents, including public safety, transportation, waste management, and water and sewer services. In recent years, the City has also taken a leadership role in promoting sustainability and decarbonisation efforts, particularly in the area of renewable energy.

    One of the key initiatives that the City of San Diego has undertaken in recent years is the decarbonisation of its energy supply. In 2015, the City adopted a Climate Action Plan that set a goal of achieving 100% renewable energy by 2035. To achieve this goal, the City has implemented a range of policies and programs designed to encourage the adoption of renewable energy technologies and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    One of the key strategies that the City has employed to achieve its decarbonisation goals is the use of corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs). A corporate PPA is a long-term contract between a renewable energy developer and a corporate buyer, in which the buyer agrees to purchase a specified amount of renewable energy from the developer at a fixed price over a set period of time. By entering into these agreements, the City is able to secure a reliable source of renewable energy at a predictable cost, while also supporting the development of new renewable energy projects in the region.

    In 2018, the City of San Diego signed a landmark corporate PPA with EDF Renewables North America, which will provide the City with 100 megawatts of solar energy and 50 megawatts of battery storage. The agreement is the largest municipal renewable energy purchase in the United States and is expected to save the City millions of dollars in energy costs over the life of the contract.

    In addition to its corporate PPA, the City of San Diego has also implemented a range of other initiatives to promote the adoption of renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For example, the City has adopted a green building policy that requires all new City-owned buildings to be designed and constructed to meet LEED Gold standards or higher. The City has also implemented a solar energy incentive program that provides rebates to residents and businesses that install solar panels on their properties.

    Another key area of focus for the City of San Diego is corporate energy management. The City has implemented a range of programs and policies designed to reduce energy consumption in its own facilities and operations. For example, the City has implemented an energy efficiency retrofit program that has resulted in significant energy savings in City-owned buildings. The City has also implemented a green fleet program that encourages the use of alternative fuel vehicles and has led to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from City-owned vehicles.

    Overall, the City of San Diego is a leader in the area of sustainability and decarbonisation, particularly in the area of renewable energy. Through its use of corporate PPAs, green building policies, and energy efficiency programs, the City is working to reduce its carbon footprint and promote a more sustainable future for its residents and the region as a whole. As the City continues to implement these initiatives and explore new opportunities for decarbonisation, it is likely to remain a leader in the field of sustainability and renewable energy for years to come.

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    Reshaping General public administration activities through Decarbonization

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