Our strategy for renewables

26.0 MW

Our contribution to a low-carbon future also includes renewables. As part of progetto Italia, we are installing solar panels on 400 hectares, generating renewable energy and creating new employment opportunities. The energy generated will predominantly be used at our own industrial sites.

The project involves the construction of large-scale generating capacity from renewable sources on industrial areas available for use and of little interest for economic activities. More than 400 hectares of spare land have been identified, in principle, across 12 different regions. Most of the proposed projects will generate photovoltaic energy, but other technologies - such as biomass and/or concentrating solar power (CSP) - have not been ruled out. Over the next four years (2018-21), the plan is to install more than 220 megawatts of additional capacity, from an investment of around €220 million. With regard to the environment, Progetto Italia initiatives will generate 0.38 TWh per annum, resulting in an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 150,000 tonnes.

The new photovoltaic plant of Ferrera Erbognone, in the province of Pavia, is the first to come into operation under Progetto Italia.

Assemini: a tech hub for a sustainable future

A solar power plant and a permanent laboratory for technological development in the environment and energy sector. Progetto Italia is coming to life, in collaboration with Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE), in the Assemini industrial area located near Cagliari, where Eni is upgrading production and redeveloping the area using Syndial. Thanks to a maximum power of 26 MWp and expected production of about 42 GWh/year, the electricity generated by the solar panels will power the salt treatment process for the Ing. Luigi Conti Vecchi company, covering approximately 70% of total energy consumption. This way, together with GSE, we are collaborating to promote a circular economy and sustainable development through the reduction of CO2 emissions and the reuse of land. GSE supplied its expertise in the renewable resources and energy efficiency sectors for the site development project, which has no direct subsidies. This included the analysis of the environmental and socio-economic benefits of Eni's Progetto Italia. "

Source: Eni