HillTopper wind farm creates energy solutions for a sustainable future

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Published on Thursday, 17 January 2019

In the United States, many companies are choosing our renewable energy to achieve their business and sustainability goals. The HillTopper Wind Farm, Enel Green Power’s first project in Illinois, will guide our customers into a new era of clean energy.

Our adventures in the United States started with our foundation in 2008 and continue to this day. It’s been a journey full of energy from EGP wind farms and care for the needs of local communities, through the Creating Shared Value (CSV) initiatives we undertake in the areas that have welcomed us.

In Illinois, HillTopper’s 74 wind turbines can transform the fresh breeze of Logan County into clean energy that powers companies like Bloomberg and General Motors.

And there’s more – through Constellation, the Illinois wind will light up Starbucks cafes throughout the state as well as the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

“The HillTopper wind farm will help some of the biggest American companies meet their energy needs with clean and sustainable energy. With our customized solutions, Enel Green Power can satisfy the energy demand of all sizes of companies”

– Georgios Papadimitriou, Head of Enel Green Power North America

A Wind Farm “Made in the USA”

Located in Illinois, the US state with the sixth highest installed wind capacity, HillTopper is an example of how our projects contribute to local socio-economic development.

By purchasing wind turbines produced from a local business, HillTopper contributed 50 million dollars directly to the local economy: a clear example of the care Enel Green Power has for the communities that welcome us. As Enel Green Power, we provide sustainable, clean, reliable and affordable energy to several companies, with the goal of creating new value in the heart of Illinois.

The 185-MW wind farm uses General Electric turbines manufactured in the United States and, through a collaboration with Trinity Structural Towers, located just a few kilometers from the site, we’re fostering the growth of the local economy.

The local manufacturer provided about half of HillTopper’s 74 turbines. At nearly 90 meters tall, they provide 570 GWh of energy every year. This power can cover the energy needs of more than 46,300 American households.










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Aiming for Sustainability

Enel Green Power’s HillTopper construction involved the improvement of 41 km of road in the area, including 16 kilometers completely repaved. In doing so, we provided a new and safer way to connect various areas in Logan County.

The construction of the wind farm also involved the renovation of the old Bo-Jac Seed Co building, a historical farm company founded in Mt. Pulaski, IL. in 1945, which became the O&M headquarters for the plant.

By revitalizing the former Bo-Jac Seed location, Enel hopes to provide an additional boost to the economic development of the city, reduce costs associated with demolition and new construction, and provide HillTopper employees the opportunity to interact more closely with the Mt. Pulaski community for the life of the project.

“For Illinois consumers, clean energy is increasingly synonymous with affordable energy. We are very pleased that Enel’s new HillTopper facility is operational, as it expand Illinois’ renewable energy supply — which leads to more favorable market prices for all consumers of electricity — while also unleashing job growth and economic development in the state”

– David Kolata, Executive Director of Illinois Citizens Utility Board

Besides improving the lives of people hosting us, HillTopper is going to power the sustainability of several large companies.

For example, 17 MW produced at the wind farm will go to help Bloomberg LP, a global leader in financial information, achieve its goal of using 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Then, thanks to an agreement with Constellation, an Exelon company and one of the main operators in the electrical energy market, HillTopper will power more than 340 Starbucks cafes in Illinois – that’s enough to make almost 100 million cups of coffee.

Through another agreement with Constellation, the Wells Fargo Center, the home of the Philadelphia Flyers and the 76ers and the property of Comcast Spectacor, will be completely powered by green energy produced at HillTopper. This will lead to a savings of almost 14,000 tons of emissions a year.

Our energy supply to Bloomberg, General Motors and Constellation was made possible by Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), long-term sustainable energy supply contracts. PPAs are not mere contracts – they are a tool that helps us build solid and lasting partnerships with our customers. We then develop customized projects at competitive costs for them, to promote a green and sustainable future.

HillTopper in Illinois is just the first stop on our journey to discover our biggest wind farms in the United States. With their energy, our wind farms guide customers and institutions toward a greener and greener future.

Stay tuned – in a few days we’ll bring you to Diamond Vista in Kansas."

Source: Enelgreenpower