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YCH Group Pte Ltd.


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YCH is a leading logistics service provider based in Singapore that has been operating in the industry for over 60 years. The company has established itself as a reliable and efficient logistics partner for businesses across various sectors, including retail, healthcare, and technology. YCH has a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region, with operations in countries such as China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

One of the key priorities for YCH is decarbonisation, which involves reducing the carbon footprint of its operations and promoting sustainable practices. The company recognises the urgent need to address climate change and is committed to playing its part in mitigating its impact. YCH has set ambitious targets to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, with a goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

To achieve this goal, YCH is implementing a range of measures to reduce its carbon footprint. One of the key areas of focus is energy efficiency, where the company is investing in technologies and processes that reduce energy consumption. YCH has also implemented a corporate energy management system to monitor and manage its energy use, which has resulted in significant energy savings.

Another important aspect of YCH's decarbonisation strategy is the use of renewable energy. The company has invested in solar panels and other renewable energy technologies to generate clean energy for its operations. YCH has also entered into corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) with renewable energy providers, which enables the company to purchase renewable energy at a fixed price and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.

YCH's commitment to renewable energy is also evident in its partnership with the Singapore government's SolarNova programme. Under this programme, YCH has installed solar panels on the roofs of its warehouses, which generate clean energy and reduce the company's carbon footprint. YCH has also received recognition for its efforts in promoting renewable energy, including the Solar Pioneer Award from the Singapore Economic Development Board.

In addition to its decarbonisation efforts, YCH is also focused on promoting sustainable practices across its operations. The company has implemented a range of initiatives to reduce waste, promote recycling, and conserve resources. YCH has also established partnerships with like-minded organisations to promote sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Overall, YCH is a leading logistics service provider that is committed to promoting sustainable practices and reducing its carbon footprint. The company's focus on decarbonisation, corporate energy management, corporate PPAs, and renewable energy demonstrates its commitment to addressing climate change and promoting a more sustainable future. With its strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region and its reputation for reliability and efficiency, YCH is well-positioned to lead the way in sustainable logistics and set an example for other companies in the industry.