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Westcott Business Park is a premier business park located in the heart of Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. The park is owned and managed by Rockspring, a leading European real estate investment manager. The park is spread over an area of 650 acres and is home to over 80 businesses, including some of the world's leading aerospace and technology companies.

Westcott Business Park is committed to sustainability and decarbonisation. The park has set a target to become carbon neutral by 2030, and it is actively working towards achieving this goal. The park has already made significant progress in reducing its carbon footprint by investing in renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies.

One of the key initiatives taken by Westcott Business Park towards decarbonisation is the installation of solar panels. The park has installed over 5,000 solar panels on the roofs of its buildings, which generate over 1.2 MW of renewable energy. This has not only reduced the park's carbon footprint but has also helped to reduce the energy bills of its tenants.

In addition to solar panels, Westcott Business Park has also invested in other renewable energy technologies such as wind turbines and biomass boilers. The park has also implemented energy-efficient lighting and heating systems, which have further reduced its energy consumption.

Westcott Business Park is also committed to helping its tenants reduce their carbon footprint. The park offers a range of services to its tenants, including energy audits, to help them identify areas where they can reduce their energy consumption. The park also encourages its tenants to switch to renewable energy sources by offering corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Corporate PPAs are a way for businesses to purchase renewable energy directly from a renewable energy provider. This helps businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and also provides them with a stable and predictable source of energy. Westcott Business Park has partnered with a number of renewable energy providers to offer its tenants corporate PPAs at competitive rates.

Westcott Business Park has also implemented a range of other sustainability initiatives, including waste reduction and recycling programs. The park has a dedicated waste management team that works with its tenants to ensure that waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. The park also encourages its tenants to use sustainable transport options, such as cycling and public transport, by providing dedicated cycle lanes and public transport links.

In addition to its sustainability initiatives, Westcott Business Park offers a range of other services to its tenants. The park has a dedicated on-site management team that provides a range of services, including security, maintenance, and cleaning. The park also offers a range of meeting and conference facilities, as well as on-site catering services.

Overall, Westcott Business Park is a leading example of a sustainable and environmentally friendly business park. Its commitment to decarbonisation and renewable energy has not only reduced its carbon footprint but has also provided its tenants with a range of benefits, including reduced energy bills and access to renewable energy sources. With its range of services and facilities, Westcott Business Park is an ideal location for businesses that are committed to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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