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TIM, also known as Telecom Italia, is a leading telecommunications company in Italy with a strong focus on sustainability and decarbonisation. The company has been actively working towards reducing its carbon footprint and promoting renewable energy solutions in its operations.

As a part of its sustainability strategy, TIM has set ambitious decarbonisation targets for its operations. The company aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, compared to its 2015 levels. To achieve this target, TIM has implemented a range of measures, including the adoption of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency improvements, and the use of low-emission vehicles.

One of the key initiatives that TIM has undertaken to promote renewable energy is the adoption of Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Under these agreements, the company procures renewable energy directly from the source, thereby supporting the development of new renewable energy projects. TIM has signed several such agreements with renewable energy providers in Italy, including wind and solar power projects.

In addition to PPAs, TIM has also invested in its own renewable energy projects. The company has installed solar panels on the roofs of its buildings and data centers, generating clean energy for its operations. TIM has also invested in wind power projects in Italy, contributing to the development of the country's renewable energy infrastructure.

To further support its decarbonisation efforts, TIM has also implemented energy efficiency measures in its operations. The company has adopted energy-efficient technologies and practices, such as the use of LED lighting and the optimization of its cooling systems. These measures have not only helped reduce the company's carbon footprint but have also resulted in significant cost savings.

TIM's sustainability efforts have not gone unnoticed, and the company has been recognized for its commitment to decarbonisation and renewable energy. In 2020, TIM was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the seventh consecutive year, reflecting its strong sustainability performance. The company was also recognized as the most sustainable telecommunications company in Europe by the Corporate Knights Global 100 Index.

In addition to its sustainability efforts, TIM has also been actively involved in promoting renewable energy solutions in Italy. The company has supported the development of renewable energy projects in the country, including wind and solar power projects. TIM has also partnered with other companies and organizations to promote sustainable development and decarbonisation in Italy.

Overall, TIM is a leading telecommunications company in Italy that has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability and decarbonisation. The company's adoption of Corporate PPAs and investment in renewable energy projects have helped promote the development of renewable energy infrastructure in Italy. TIM's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint through energy efficiency measures have also resulted in significant cost savings. As a result, TIM has been recognized as a leader in sustainability and a role model for other companies in Italy and beyond.

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