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Which other companies from Ireland are actively involved in decarbonization initiatives?
  • IPUT Plc
  • A&L Goodbody
  • Greencore Group plc
  • Accenture
  • Ryanair Holdings plc
  • Uniphar Plc
  • Recruiters.ie is a leading recruitment agency in Ireland that specializes in providing recruitment solutions to a wide range of industries, including energy, engineering, construction, and technology. The company has been in operation for over a decade and has built a reputation for delivering high-quality recruitment services to both clients and candidates.

    One of the key areas of focus for Recruiters.ie is decarbonisation. This is a critical issue for many businesses in Ireland, as the country seeks to reduce its carbon emissions in line with global targets. Recruiters.ie works with a range of clients in the energy sector, helping them to identify and recruit the talent they need to drive decarbonisation initiatives. This includes roles in areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, and carbon capture and storage.

    In addition to decarbonisation, Recruiters.ie also has a strong focus on corporate energy. This involves working with businesses to help them manage their energy use more effectively, reduce costs, and improve sustainability. The company has a team of experienced recruiters who specialize in this area and can help clients to find the right candidates for roles such as energy managers, sustainability consultants, and renewable energy project managers.

    One of the key tools that Recruiters.ie uses to support its clients in the area of corporate energy is the corporate power purchase agreement (PPA). This is a contract between a business and a renewable energy provider that allows the business to purchase renewable energy at a fixed price over a set period of time. PPAs are becoming increasingly popular in Ireland as businesses seek to reduce their carbon footprint and take advantage of the cost savings that renewable energy can offer. Recruiters.ie has a deep understanding of the PPA market and can help clients to identify the right providers and negotiate favorable terms.

    Renewable energy is another key area of focus for Recruiters.ie. The company works with a range of clients in the renewable energy sector, including wind, solar, and biomass. This includes roles in areas such as project management, engineering, and operations and maintenance. Recruiters.ie has a strong network of candidates in the renewable energy sector and can help clients to find the right people for their projects.

    Overall, Recruiters.ie is a leading recruitment agency in Ireland that has a deep understanding of the energy sector and the challenges and opportunities that it presents. The company's focus on decarbonisation, corporate energy, corporate PPA, and renewable energy positions it well to support clients in achieving their sustainability goals and driving the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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