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Orezone is a Canadian-based precious metals exploration and development company that is focused on advancing its flagship Bomboré Gold Project in Burkina Faso, West Africa. The company was founded in 2008 and has since established itself as a leading player in the precious metals sector, with a strong commitment to sustainability and responsible mining practices.

One of the key priorities for Orezone is decarbonisation, which refers to the process of reducing carbon emissions and transitioning to a low-carbon economy. The company recognizes the urgent need to address climate change and is committed to doing its part by implementing sustainable practices throughout its operations. This includes reducing its carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources and implementing energy-efficient technologies.

To achieve its decarbonisation goals, Orezone has implemented a corporate energy strategy that focuses on reducing energy consumption, increasing efficiency, and transitioning to renewable energy sources. The company has already made significant progress in this area, with its Bomboré Gold Project being designed to use a hybrid power system that combines solar power with a diesel generator. This will significantly reduce the project's carbon footprint and help Orezone to achieve its decarbonisation goals.

In addition to its corporate energy strategy, Orezone has also implemented a corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) that allows it to purchase renewable energy from third-party providers. This enables the company to access renewable energy sources without having to invest in expensive infrastructure or technology. By purchasing renewable energy through a PPA, Orezone can reduce its carbon footprint and support the development of renewable energy projects in the communities where it operates.

Renewable energy is a key focus for Orezone, and the company is committed to increasing its use of renewable energy sources wherever possible. In addition to its hybrid power system at the Bomboré Gold Project, the company is exploring the use of other renewable energy sources, such as wind and geothermal power. By transitioning to renewable energy sources, Orezone can reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and contribute to the global effort to address climate change.

Overall, Orezone is a leading player in the precious metals sector that is committed to sustainability and responsible mining practices. The company's focus on decarbonisation, corporate energy, corporate PPA, and renewable energy reflects its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and transitioning to a low-carbon economy. With its flagship Bomboré Gold Project in Burkina Faso, Orezone is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the years to come.

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