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Morgan Sindall Group plc is a leading UK construction and regeneration group operating in the building construction sector. The company has a strong focus on sustainability and decarbonisation, with a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting renewable energy sources.

Decarbonisation is a key priority for Morgan Sindall Group, and the company has set ambitious targets to reduce its carbon emissions. In 2020, the company announced a target to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, in line with the UK government's target to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. To achieve this target, Morgan Sindall Group is implementing a range of measures to reduce its carbon footprint, including energy efficiency improvements, the use of low-carbon materials, and the promotion of renewable energy sources.

One of the key ways in which Morgan Sindall Group is promoting renewable energy is through the use of corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs). A corporate PPA is a long-term contract between a company and a renewable energy generator, which allows the company to purchase renewable energy directly from the generator. This helps to support the development of new renewable energy projects and can also provide cost savings for the company.

Morgan Sindall Group has signed a number of corporate PPAs in recent years, including agreements to purchase renewable energy from wind farms and solar projects. In 2020, the company signed a 15-year PPA with ScottishPower Renewables to purchase 100% of the electricity generated by the 50 MW wind farm at Crossdykes in Scotland. This is the first PPA of its kind in the UK construction sector and will provide Morgan Sindall Group with a reliable source of renewable energy for its operations.

In addition to corporate PPAs, Morgan Sindall Group is also investing in its own renewable energy projects. The company has installed solar panels on a number of its buildings, including its head office in London, and is exploring the potential for other renewable energy technologies such as wind and geothermal.

Corporate energy management is another important aspect of Morgan Sindall Group's sustainability strategy. The company is implementing a range of measures to improve energy efficiency across its operations, including the use of smart building technologies and the adoption of low-carbon heating and cooling systems. In 2020, the company launched a new energy management platform, which uses data analytics to identify opportunities for energy savings and improve the efficiency of its buildings.

Morgan Sindall Group is also committed to promoting sustainability across its supply chain. The company works closely with its suppliers to ensure that they meet its sustainability standards, including requirements for ethical and responsible sourcing of materials. The company also encourages its suppliers to adopt sustainable practices, such as reducing their carbon footprint and promoting renewable energy sources.

Overall, Morgan Sindall Group is a leading UK construction and regeneration group with a strong focus on sustainability and decarbonisation. The company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting renewable energy sources, and is implementing a range of measures to achieve these goals. Through the use of corporate PPAs, investment in renewable energy projects, and energy management initiatives, Morgan Sindall Group is leading the way in sustainable construction and demonstrating its commitment to a low-carbon future.