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Midfield Meat International is a leading Australian company that operates in the animal processing sector. The company is renowned for its high-quality meat products that are sourced from Australian farms and processed in its state-of-the-art facilities. Midfield Meat International has been in operation for over 30 years and has established a strong reputation for its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

One of the key priorities for Midfield Meat International is decarbonisation. The company recognises that climate change is a significant threat to the environment and the economy, and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. To achieve this goal, Midfield Meat International has implemented a range of initiatives that focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and waste reduction.

One of the most significant initiatives that Midfield Meat International has undertaken is the implementation of a corporate energy strategy. This strategy involves the development of a comprehensive plan to reduce the company's energy consumption and carbon emissions. The strategy includes the installation of energy-efficient equipment, the implementation of energy management systems, and the adoption of renewable energy sources.

Another key initiative that Midfield Meat International has undertaken is the implementation of a corporate power purchase agreement (PPA). A PPA is a long-term contract between a company and a renewable energy provider, where the company agrees to purchase a certain amount of renewable energy at a fixed price. By entering into a PPA, Midfield Meat International is able to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and support the growth of renewable energy.

In addition to its corporate energy and PPA initiatives, Midfield Meat International has also invested in renewable energy projects. The company has installed a large-scale solar panel system at its Warrnambool facility, which generates a significant amount of electricity from renewable sources. This project has not only reduced the company's carbon footprint but has also reduced its energy costs.

Midfield Meat International has also implemented a range of waste reduction initiatives, which have helped to reduce the amount of waste generated by the company. These initiatives include the implementation of a waste management system, the recycling of waste materials, and the development of new products that utilise waste materials.

Overall, Midfield Meat International is a company that is committed to sustainability and innovation. The company recognises the importance of decarbonisation and is taking significant steps to reduce its carbon footprint. Through its corporate energy strategy, PPA initiatives, and investment in renewable energy projects, Midfield Meat International is leading the way in the animal processing sector.