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Guerbet is a French company that operates in the radiation equipment sector. The company was founded in 1926 and has since then grown to become a global leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of contrast agents and solutions for medical imaging. Guerbet is committed to innovation and sustainability, and is actively working towards decarbonisation and the use of renewable energy sources.

One of the ways in which Guerbet is working towards decarbonisation is through its corporate energy strategy. The company has set ambitious targets to reduce its carbon footprint and increase its use of renewable energy sources. Guerbet has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2025, and to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. To achieve these targets, Guerbet is implementing a range of energy efficiency measures, such as upgrading its facilities to be more energy efficient and reducing the energy consumption of its manufacturing processes.

In addition to energy efficiency measures, Guerbet is also investing in renewable energy sources. The company has signed a corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) for the supply of renewable energy to its manufacturing facilities in France. Through this PPA, Guerbet will purchase renewable energy from a wind farm in Northern France, which will provide 50% of the electricity consumed by the company's manufacturing facilities. This PPA will help Guerbet to reduce its carbon footprint and support the development of renewable energy in France.

Guerbet's commitment to decarbonisation and renewable energy is also reflected in the company's product portfolio. Guerbet's contrast agents and solutions for medical imaging are designed to be more environmentally friendly than traditional products. For example, the company's Dotarem® contrast agent has a lower environmental impact than other contrast agents, as it has a shorter half-life and is eliminated from the body more quickly. This means that less of the contrast agent is released into the environment.

Guerbet is also committed to reducing the environmental impact of its packaging. The company has developed a new packaging solution for its contrast agents, which reduces the amount of plastic used by 30%. This new packaging solution is also more compact, which reduces the carbon footprint of transportation.

In addition to its environmental initiatives, Guerbet is also committed to corporate social responsibility. The company has a strong ethical code of conduct, which is based on respect for human rights, environmental protection, and ethical business practices. Guerbet is also committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, and has implemented a range of initiatives to support this.

Overall, Guerbet is a company that is committed to sustainability and innovation. The company's focus on decarbonisation, renewable energy, and corporate social responsibility is reflected in its products, operations, and corporate strategy. Guerbet is a leader in the radiation equipment sector, and is setting an example for other companies to follow in terms of sustainability and ethical business practices.