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Gold Fields Ltd is a South African company that operates in the gold sector. Founded in 1887, the company has a long history of mining and exploration in South Africa and other parts of the world. Today, Gold Fields is one of the largest gold mining companies in the world, with operations in South Africa, Ghana, Australia, and Peru.

As a mining company, Gold Fields is acutely aware of the impact its operations have on the environment. In recent years, the company has made significant efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices. One of the key ways in which Gold Fields is working towards decarbonisation is through the use of renewable energy.

In 2019, Gold Fields signed a corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Australian energy company EDL. Under the agreement, EDL will supply Gold Fields' Agnew gold mine in Western Australia with renewable energy from a hybrid solar and battery storage system. The system is expected to reduce the mine's carbon emissions by around 40,000 tonnes per year, the equivalent of taking 9,000 cars off the road.

Gold Fields has also invested in renewable energy at its South Deep gold mine in South Africa. In 2020, the company installed a 40 MW solar power plant at the mine, which is expected to provide around 20% of the mine's electricity needs. The solar plant is part of Gold Fields' broader strategy to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and transition to a low-carbon energy mix.

In addition to its efforts to decarbonise its operations, Gold Fields is also focused on improving its corporate energy efficiency. The company has set a target to reduce its energy consumption by 20% by 2025, compared to 2018 levels. To achieve this goal, Gold Fields is implementing a range of energy-saving initiatives, such as upgrading equipment, improving ventilation systems, and optimising its mining processes.

Gold Fields is also exploring new technologies and innovations to further improve its energy efficiency. For example, the company is investigating the use of renewable hydrogen as a potential energy source for its mining operations. Renewable hydrogen is produced using renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, and can be used to power vehicles and equipment.

Overall, Gold Fields is committed to promoting sustainable practices and reducing its environmental impact. Through its efforts to decarbonise its operations, invest in renewable energy, and improve its corporate energy efficiency, the company is leading the way in the gold mining sector. As the world transitions to a low-carbon economy, Gold Fields is well-positioned to thrive and continue delivering value to its stakeholders.

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