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Glanbia Ireland DAC


Which other companies from Ireland are actively involved in decarbonization initiatives?
  • Aon, plc
  • Bank of Ireland Group
  • An Post
  • KPMG Ireland
  • Glenveagh Properties Public Limited Company
  • Electricity Supply Board (ESB)
  • Glanbia Ireland DAC is a leading Irish dairy company that operates in the dairy products sector. The company is headquartered in Kilkenny, Ireland, and has a strong presence in the global market. Glanbia Ireland DAC is a subsidiary of Glanbia plc, a global nutrition company that operates in over 30 countries.

    Glanbia Ireland DAC is committed to sustainable and responsible business practices. The company recognizes the importance of decarbonisation and is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint. Glanbia Ireland DAC has set ambitious targets to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and has implemented a range of initiatives to achieve these targets.

    One of the key initiatives that Glanbia Ireland DAC has implemented is the use of renewable energy. The company has invested in a range of renewable energy projects, including wind and solar power. Glanbia Ireland DAC has also signed corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) with renewable energy providers. These agreements ensure that the company has a reliable and sustainable source of energy, while also supporting the growth of the renewable energy sector.

    Corporate energy management is another area where Glanbia Ireland DAC is making significant progress. The company has implemented a range of energy efficiency measures, including the installation of energy-efficient lighting and heating systems. Glanbia Ireland DAC has also implemented a range of energy-saving measures in its production processes, such as the use of heat recovery systems.

    Glanbia Ireland DAC is also committed to reducing its carbon footprint through the use of sustainable transportation. The company has implemented a range of initiatives to reduce the carbon emissions associated with its transportation operations. These initiatives include the use of electric vehicles, the optimization of delivery routes, and the use of alternative fuels.

    In addition to its commitment to decarbonisation, Glanbia Ireland DAC is also committed to responsible sourcing. The company works closely with its suppliers to ensure that they meet the highest standards of sustainability and ethical business practices. Glanbia Ireland DAC also supports local farmers and communities, and works to promote sustainable agriculture practices.

    Glanbia Ireland DAC is a leader in the Irish dairy industry, and its commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices sets it apart from its competitors. The company's focus on decarbonisation, renewable energy, corporate energy management, and responsible sourcing is not only good for the environment, but also good for business. By reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices, Glanbia Ireland DAC is positioning itself as a responsible and forward-thinking company that is well-positioned to succeed in the global market.

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    Decarbonization Possibilities for Operation of dairies and cheese making

    Which companies in the industry of Operation of dairies and cheese making have made significant pledges or efforts to address global warming?
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  • Glanbia PLC
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