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Gilbert Public Schools is a public school district located in Gilbert, Arizona, United States of America. The district serves over 35,000 students in grades K-12 across 40 schools, making it one of the largest school districts in the state. Gilbert Public Schools is committed to providing high-quality education to its students while also being environmentally responsible.

In recent years, the district has taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint and promote decarbonisation. One of the ways it has done this is by implementing a corporate energy strategy that focuses on reducing energy consumption and increasing the use of renewable energy sources. This strategy includes the installation of solar panels on school rooftops, which generate clean energy and reduce the district's reliance on fossil fuels.

Gilbert Public Schools has also entered into a corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) with a renewable energy provider. Under this agreement, the district purchases a portion of its electricity from a wind farm in Texas. This not only reduces the district's carbon footprint but also provides cost savings on energy bills.

The district has also implemented energy-efficient measures in its buildings, such as LED lighting and smart thermostats. These measures not only reduce energy consumption but also save the district money on utility bills.

In addition to its corporate energy strategy, Gilbert Public Schools is committed to educating its students about the importance of renewable energy and sustainability. The district has implemented a sustainability curriculum that teaches students about renewable energy sources, energy conservation, and waste reduction.

The district also participates in the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality's Green Schools Program, which recognizes schools that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. Gilbert Public Schools has been recognized as a Green School for its efforts to reduce waste, conserve energy, and promote sustainability.

Overall, Gilbert Public Schools is a leader in promoting renewable energy and sustainability in the education sector. Its corporate energy strategy, use of corporate PPAs, and commitment to educating students about sustainability demonstrate its dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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