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GB Railfreight Ltd is a leading rail freight operator in the United Kingdom, providing innovative logistics solutions to a wide range of customers across the country. The company operates in the Logistics Services sector and has a strong focus on decarbonisation and reducing its carbon footprint. GB Railfreight Ltd is committed to reducing its environmental impact and is constantly exploring new ways to improve its sustainability.

One of the key ways in which GB Railfreight Ltd is working towards decarbonisation is through the use of renewable energy. The company has invested heavily in renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power, and has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce its carbon emissions. GB Railfreight Ltd has also introduced a number of energy efficiency measures across its operations, including the use of energy-efficient lighting and heating systems.

In addition to its focus on renewable energy, GB Railfreight Ltd is also committed to corporate energy management. The company has implemented a number of measures to reduce its energy consumption, including the use of energy-efficient equipment and the implementation of energy-saving policies. GB Railfreight Ltd also works closely with its suppliers and partners to ensure that they are also committed to reducing their environmental impact.

Another important aspect of GB Railfreight Ltd's sustainability strategy is its use of corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs). These agreements allow the company to purchase renewable energy directly from generators, reducing its reliance on fossil fuels and supporting the growth of renewable energy sources. GB Railfreight Ltd has signed a number of corporate PPAs with renewable energy providers, and is committed to increasing its use of renewable energy in the coming years.

Overall, GB Railfreight Ltd is a leading player in the logistics services sector in the United Kingdom, with a strong focus on sustainability and decarbonisation. The company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and is constantly exploring new ways to improve its environmental performance. Through its use of renewable energy, corporate energy management, and corporate PPAs, GB Railfreight Ltd is setting an example for other companies in the sector to follow.