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Dow Jones & Co Inc


Which other companies from United States of America are actively involved in decarbonization initiatives?
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  • Union Pacific Railroad
  • Dow Jones & Co Inc is a leading American publishing and financial information company that operates in the newspaper publishers sector. The company is well known for its flagship publication, The Wall Street Journal, which is widely regarded as one of the most influential newspapers in the world. Dow Jones & Co Inc is a subsidiary of News Corp, a global media and entertainment conglomerate.

    As a major player in the publishing industry, Dow Jones & Co Inc has recognized the importance of decarbonisation and has taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint. The company has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce its energy consumption and has set ambitious targets to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. One of the key strategies that the company has adopted to achieve these targets is the use of renewable energy.

    Dow Jones & Co Inc has made a significant investment in renewable energy, including wind and solar power. The company has installed solar panels on the roof of its headquarters in New York City, which generate a significant amount of the building's energy needs. The company has also signed a number of corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) with renewable energy providers, which enable it to purchase renewable energy at a fixed price over a long-term period.

    Corporate PPAs are an innovative way for companies to purchase renewable energy directly from renewable energy providers. By signing a PPA, companies can secure a long-term supply of renewable energy at a fixed price, which provides them with greater certainty over their energy costs. Corporate PPAs also enable companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and to reduce their carbon footprint.

    Dow Jones & Co Inc has also implemented a number of energy efficiency measures to reduce its energy consumption. The company has installed energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems in its offices, which has resulted in significant energy savings. The company has also implemented a number of behavioural change initiatives to encourage employees to adopt more sustainable practices, such as turning off lights and computers when not in use.

    In addition to its efforts to reduce its own carbon footprint, Dow Jones & Co Inc is also committed to promoting sustainability and decarbonisation more broadly. The company has launched a number of initiatives to raise awareness of sustainability issues and to encourage others to take action. For example, the company has launched a sustainability reporting initiative, which provides guidance to companies on how to report on their sustainability performance.

    Dow Jones & Co Inc has also launched a sustainability leadership program, which aims to develop the next generation of sustainability leaders. The program provides training and support to employees who are interested in pursuing a career in sustainability, and it encourages them to take a leadership role in promoting sustainability within the company and in their communities.

    Overall, Dow Jones & Co Inc is a company that is committed to sustainability and decarbonisation. The company has taken a number of steps to reduce its own carbon footprint, including investing in renewable energy, implementing energy efficiency measures, and promoting sustainable practices among its employees. The company is also committed to promoting sustainability more broadly, through initiatives such as its sustainability reporting and leadership programs. As a leading player in the publishing industry, Dow Jones & Co Inc is well positioned to drive positive change and to inspire others to take action on sustainability.

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