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Collins Cos is a leading plumbing supplies wholesaler based in the United States of America. The company has been in business for over 50 years, and during this time, it has established a reputation for providing high-quality plumbing products and exceptional customer service to its clients.

In recent years, Collins Cos has made a concerted effort to embrace decarbonisation and reduce its carbon footprint. The company recognises the importance of addressing climate change and is committed to doing its part to mitigate its impact. As part of this effort, Collins Cos has implemented a range of initiatives to reduce its energy consumption and switch to renewable energy sources.

One of the key initiatives that Collins Cos has undertaken is the implementation of a corporate energy strategy. The company has conducted a thorough analysis of its energy usage and identified areas where it can reduce consumption. This has included upgrading lighting systems, installing energy-efficient HVAC systems, and implementing energy management systems to monitor and control energy usage.

In addition to reducing energy consumption, Collins Cos has also embraced renewable energy sources. The company has installed solar panels on its warehouses and distribution centres, which generate a significant portion of its energy needs. Collins Cos has also entered into a corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) with a renewable energy provider. This agreement ensures that a portion of the company's energy needs are met through the purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs).

The corporate PPA has been a significant step for Collins Cos in its efforts to transition to renewable energy sources. Under the agreement, the company has committed to purchasing a set amount of RECs each year, which are used to offset its carbon emissions. This has allowed the company to reduce its carbon footprint significantly, while also supporting the growth of renewable energy projects.

Collins Cos has also implemented a range of other initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. The company has implemented a recycling program for its waste materials, including plastics, cardboard, and paper. It has also encouraged its employees to adopt sustainable practices, such as reducing paper usage and switching off lights and equipment when not in use.

In addition to its environmental efforts, Collins Cos is committed to supporting its local communities. The company has a strong focus on corporate social responsibility and has implemented a range of initiatives to give back to the community. This has included supporting local charities, sponsoring community events, and providing scholarships to local students.

Overall, Collins Cos is a company that is committed to sustainability and making a positive impact on the environment. Its efforts to reduce energy consumption and transition to renewable energy sources are commendable, and its commitment to corporate social responsibility is equally impressive. As the world continues to focus on decarbonisation and reducing carbon emissions, companies like Collins Cos are leading the way in demonstrating that it is possible to operate a successful business while also being environmentally responsible.

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