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Codelco is a Chilean state-owned copper mining company that operates in the copper smelting and refining sector. The company was founded in 1976 and is headquartered in Santiago, Chile. Codelco is the largest copper producer in the world and accounts for approximately 10% of the world's copper supply.

Decarbonisation is a key focus for Codelco, as the company recognizes the importance of reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to global efforts to combat climate change. In recent years, Codelco has implemented a number of initiatives aimed at reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and increasing its use of renewable energy sources.

One of Codelco's key initiatives in this regard is its corporate energy program, which seeks to improve the company's energy efficiency and reduce its energy consumption. The program includes a range of measures, such as the installation of energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems, the optimization of production processes, and the implementation of energy management systems.

In addition to its corporate energy program, Codelco has also implemented a corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) for renewable energy. Under this agreement, the company has committed to purchasing a significant portion of its electricity from renewable sources, such as wind and solar power. This not only helps to reduce the company's carbon footprint but also provides a stable and predictable source of energy for its operations.

Codelco has also invested in renewable energy projects of its own, such as the installation of a large-scale solar power plant at its Gabriela Mistral mine in northern Chile. The plant has a capacity of 69 MW and is one of the largest solar facilities in the country. It provides a significant portion of the mine's energy needs and has helped to reduce the mine's carbon footprint.

Overall, Codelco's commitment to decarbonisation and renewable energy is an important part of its sustainability strategy. The company recognizes the importance of reducing its environmental impact and contributing to global efforts to combat climate change. Through its corporate energy program, corporate PPA, and investment in renewable energy projects, Codelco is taking concrete steps to achieve these goals.

Decarbonizing Copper production: Unlocking the Path to Sustainability

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