SunPower Corp

Total capacity of implemented projects

5 - 10 GW

Countries of projects presence


SunPower Corp is a leading American company that operates in the photovoltaic (PV) cells sector and develops renewable energy projects. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has a global presence with operations in more than 100 countries. SunPower Corp is committed to providing innovative and sustainable energy solutions to customers worldwide, with a focus on reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.

The company was founded in 1985 by Richard Swanson, who was a professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University. Swanson's research focused on developing high-efficiency solar cells, and he founded SunPower Corp to commercialize his technology. Today, the company is a leader in the solar industry, with a range of products and services that include solar panels, inverters, and energy storage systems.

SunPower Corp's solar panels are some of the most efficient in the industry, with a conversion efficiency of up to 22.8%. The company's panels are designed to maximize energy production and minimize the impact on the environment. SunPower Corp's panels are also highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for use in a variety of settings.

In addition to its solar panels, SunPower Corp also offers a range of inverters and energy storage systems. The company's inverters are designed to convert the DC power generated by solar panels into AC power that can be used by homes and businesses. SunPower Corp's energy storage systems are designed to store excess energy generated by solar panels, allowing customers to use that energy when the sun is not shining.

SunPower Corp is also involved in developing renewable energy projects, including solar power plants and wind farms. The company has developed some of the largest solar power plants in the world, including the 579 MW Solar Star project in California. SunPower Corp's renewable energy projects are designed to provide clean, reliable energy to customers while reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.

One of the key strengths of SunPower Corp is its commitment to innovation. The company invests heavily in research and development, with a focus on developing new technologies that can improve the efficiency and performance of solar panels. SunPower Corp has also developed a range of software tools that can help customers optimize their energy usage and reduce their energy costs.

SunPower Corp is also committed to sustainability and social responsibility. The company has set ambitious goals to reduce its carbon footprint and promote environmental sustainability. SunPower Corp is also involved in a range of community outreach programs, including educational initiatives that promote renewable energy and environmental sustainability.

In terms of financial performance, SunPower Corp has been a consistent performer in the solar industry. The company reported revenue of $1.72 billion in 2019, with a net loss of $1.54 per share. However, the company has been profitable in the past, and its strong brand and innovative products have helped it maintain its position as a leader in the solar industry.

SunPower Corp faces a number of challenges as it seeks to expand its business and promote renewable energy. One of the biggest challenges is the competition from other solar companies, many of which offer similar products and services. SunPower Corp also faces regulatory challenges, particularly in the United States, where government policies can impact the growth of the solar industry.

Despite these challenges, SunPower Corp is well-positioned to continue its growth and expansion in the solar industry. The company's focus on innovation and sustainability, combined with its strong brand and global reach, make it a leader in the renewable energy sector. As the world continues to shift towards clean energy and environmental sustainability, SunPower Corp is poised to play a key role in shaping the future of the energy industry.