Orora has signed a long term corporate PPA with Pacific Hydro


57.0 MW





Orora has also today announced that it has signed a long term corporate power purchasing agreement with global renewable energy provider Pacific Hydro, to supply wind-generated electricity for Orora’s South Australian (SA) operations, which includes the Gawler Glass facility. Under the corporate energy agreement, Orora has secured the long-term supply of renewable energy from Clements Gap Wind Farm, for a volume equal to Orora’s total electricity demand in SA. In addition to the supply of renewable energy, the corporate energy service agreement also includes innovative risk sharing arrangements to further protect Orora’s exposure to variable market prices in South Australia.

Commenting on the corporate energy services agreement, Mr Garrard said, “Orora operates energy intensive businesses and is continuing to actively investigate a range of options to manage higher energy prices and safeguard supply for the Australian operations. Renewable energy represents a competitively priced and sustainable energy source and this agreement provides Orora’s SA operations with greater energy price certainty over the long-term.”"

Source: Ororagroup