Well matched: wind, solar and a glass of McGuigan


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"The new partnership with Flow Power is a significant step towards our Buronga Hill winery being predominantly powered by renewable energy," says Australian Vintage Chief Executive Officer, Neil McGuigan.

Charging forward the green agenda.

Australian Vintage Ltd is the first business in Australia to announce a landmark Hybrid Renewable Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to ensure 90% of its power at its Buronga Hill Winery is met by solar and wind for the next 10 years.

Australian Vintage are the producers of award winning brands McGuigan Wines, Tempus Two and Nepenthe. The NSW-based Buronga Hill Winery is the third largest in Australia and has a long standing commitment to sustainability.

Australian Vintage Chief Executive Officer, Neil McGuigan, said: “We are extremely committed to the green agenda and take our responsibility to create a cleaner planet incredibly seriously. We are making significant progress on the ambitious sustainability targets we have set and are proud to be at the forefront of the renewable energy movement and leading the field in the wine industry.”

“We are proud to be one of the first businesses to sign a hybrid Renewable Corporate PPA in Australia. This is a considerable milestone for the business which, as one of the biggest producers in Australia, operates at a scale that can deliver significant environmental benefits as a result of its green policies. The new partnership with Flow Power is a significant step towards our Buronga Hill winery being predominantly powered by renewable energy. By lowering our carbon emissions and putting renewables at the centre of our approach, we are playing our part in creating a more sustainable future.”

New breed of PPAs – the Hybrid PPA.

Since signing offtake from multiple renewable plants, Flow Power has been brainstorming how to best deliver this power to businesses. Flow Power’s CEO Matthew, had an idea to match wind and solar together, so that when the sun isn’t shining, the wind can step in to do the work.

Voila, the Hybrid PPA was born.

Flow Power’s Hybrid PPA layers existing onsite solar with power from offsite wind and solar. Hybrid PPAs match up businesses’ needs with the output of generators to make the most of the low cost, clean power when it’s available.

Our CEO Matthew, comments: “We’re thrilled to be working with Australian Vintage on this landmark deal. The team have aligned the profiles of the wind farm, solar plant and on-site solar at the Buronga Hill winery to create a solution that will meet its power needs for the next ten years.”

Australian Vintage Ltd are living up to the old adage “make hay while the sun shines” but in this case – it’s an award winning bottle of McGuigan Chardonnay."

Source: Flowpower