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Novozymes signs largest ever Danish climate deal

Novozymes and DONG Energy have entered into a partnership that will make Novozymes in Denmark CO2-neutral for electricity as early as 2012.
12. June 2008
Corporate news
As a component of the partnership, Novozymes will profoundly reduce its use of energy and continuously convert the savings realized into the purchase of energy from the Horns Rev II offshore wind turbine park. Measured in terms of savings in CO2 emissions, this arrangement is the largest of its kind to date in Denmark.
According to Peder Holk-Nielsen, Executive Vice President for Enzyme Business, Novozymes, this collaboration is remarkable in requiring Novozymes to set very ambitious goals for reducing the company’s CO2 emissions. “As a socially and environmentally responsible company, we have constantly striven to optimize the energy efficiency of our production for many years, Now we are taking the next step, and basing our production on renewable energy. Hopefully, we will set a good example for our customers,” he says.

Energy savings used to purchase renewable energy
Novozymes will use the actual savings from reducing its energy use to purchase renewable energy that will be delivered from the forthcoming offshore wind turbine park on Horns Rev. The agreement represents more than 30% of the wind turbine park’s total capacity.
The agreement states that Novozymes in Denmark will be 100% CO2-neutral for electricity by 2012, which will deliver a considerable contribution to Novozymes’ overall goal to decouple growth in CO2 emissions from growth in its business.
“Novozymes stimulates the development of sustainable energy by taking this leadership role and showing that n Danish industry there is a willingness to buy energy from CO2-neutral production facilities. The agreement will contribute substantially to increasing the demand for energy produced by wind turbines,” says Lars Clausen, Executive Vice President at DONG Energy.
DONG Energy’s experts will work together with Novozymes to help identify and implement the energy savings options. “We are starting a challenging process where we must realize significant energy savings beyond those we have already achieved. We feel this is our responsibility as an energy-intensive company,” says Peder Holk-Nielsen.
Lars Clausen is delighted with the partnership with Novozymes and is convinced that it will serve as an inspiration to many other companies to make themselves CO2 neutral. “The dialog with Novozymes began more than a year ago. Partnership deals and customer-related programs are always tailor-made to suit the customer’s needs and wishes; they are always negotiated in close dialog with our customers. The goal is to create value for both partners,” says Lars Clausen.

Source: Novozymes

Novozymes A/S
Capacity: 63.0 MW
DONG Energy A/S
Year: 2008


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