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Lakiakangas completed PPA with Google

ING Wholesale Banking has arranged and structured project financing for the project developer CPC Germania from Rheine in the amount of EUR 70,000,000 for the onshore wind farm Lakiakangas in Finland. (WK-internal) - The Lakiakangas wind farm consists of two Vestas V126 wind turbines, each with 3.45 megawatts of power, which are already in operation. Another 12 Vestas V150 wind turbines, each with 4.2 megawatts of power, will be commissioned by September 2019. While the V126 revenues are reimbursed under the Finnish FiP tariff, a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Google was completed for the new V150 turbines. For CPC Germania, the Lakiakangas wind farm is another milestone on the way to becoming an independent one

Source: Windkraft Journal

Google LLC
Capacity: 50.4 MW
Fingrid OYJ
Year: 2018


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