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Claro Group purchases energy from ENGIE

Energy sold in the free market enables ENGIE's wind farm complex of 360 MW in Bahia. The company surpasses the 1,000 MW mark of wind source in Brazil
Energy Generation and Commercialization
São Paulo, November 29, 2018

The Claro Group, represented by Claro, Embratel and NET, announces the purchase of 30 Megawatts (MW) of ENGIE’s renewable energy, the largest private energy generator of Brazil. This contract, added to other contracts ENGIE signed recently with different business groups, enables the construction of the second phase of Campo Largo Wind Farm Complex, in Bahia. Both companies have convergent commitments as far as the energy transition and sustainability are concerned, in addition to common interests as decarbonisation, decentralization and digitisation.

This energy contracting made by the telecommunications group is part of the A Energia da Claro Program, released in December 2017, which foresees the use of clean energy through Distributed Generation, as well as the adoption of measures regarding environment protection in all its operations and facilities in Brazil. The program represents a reduction of more than 100,000 metric tons of CO2 per year, which means the removal of nearly 420,000 cars from the streets. It is the largest project of Distributed Generation of the country among private companies and the first among Telecommunication companies. Nine plants in four different states of the country are already in operation, in addition to 40 plants under construction.

As a result of the program, the energy used by Claro already comes from many renewable sources: Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric, Biogas and Qualified Cogeneration. In addition, the project foresees actions such as electric mobility (encouraging the use of electric cars and bicycles) and energy efficiency.

“Electric energy is one of the most important inputs in a telecommunication operation and for this reason the A Energia da Claro program is one of our biggest objectives. The energy contracting with ENGIE is a major step right now because it is in line with our purpose of renewable energy, decentralization and decarbonisation in a 100% digital process”, says João Pedro Neves, director of Financial Support to the Claro Brasil Business.

The CEO of ENGIE Brasil Energia, Eduardo Sattamini, highlights that 90% of the Group’s energy generation in the country is derived from wind, solar, hydroelectric, and biomass plants. “Our strategy is based on the 3 Ds: Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitalization. Decarbonization is possible with the increase of Renewable energy and contracts such as this one with Claro, align the need of our client with our strategy of leading the energy transition”.

Sattamini also highlights that ENGIE is the leader in distributed energy in Brazil. The executive notes that Decentralization is also linked to the proximity ENGIE has with its clients. “This proximity allows us to better understand our client’s needs and to deliver the better solution for him.”


The contract between the Claro Group and ENGIE was signed 100% digitally, with the Exchange of documentation and signatures being done without paper and registry offices procedures. The process was fully done with the use of biometric registration fingerprints and electronic password. The signatures were also done fully via web, in a safe and legal way.

Sattamini also reminds the importance of digitisation in the business: “Our wind power plants are remotely operated from the Center of Operations in Florianopolis, which gives us more operational efficiency. In addition, digitisation allows us to collect data and optimize our maintenances, thus improving the availability of power stations”.


Located in the Bahia municipalities of Umburanas and Sento Sé, 420 km from Salvador, the Campo Largo Wind Farm Complex has a development potential of 686.7 MW and is being built through phases: Phase 1, with 326.7 MW and 11 wind power stations, will be in full operation until the end of the year. Phase 2, with 360 MW of installed capacity, relies on an investment estimated at R$ 1.7 billion. The number of power stations is not defined yet, because it depends on the wind generator chosen by ENGIE, which foresees a number between 11 and 12 wind power stations. The phase 2 of the project was made possible thanks to the more than 60 contracts signed by ENGIE with clients in the Free Market this year.

“With the second phase of Campo Largo, ENGIE surpasses 1,000 MW of installed capacity in wind energy in Brazil”, celebrates Sattamini. He adds that the company is already studying the options of machines and talking to suppliers: “The moment is appropriate to the contracting as there is great supply in the wind generator market”.

Source: Engie

Claro S.A.
Capacity: 30.0 MW
Engie SA
Year: 2018


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