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Westport Announces New Partnership With Windham Solar, LLC

Westport has announced a new partnership with Windham Solar LLC.
By News Desk, News Partner | Apr 11, 2018 3:06 pm ET

From the Town of Westport: The Town of Westport announces a new partnership with Windham Solar LLC to buy Virtual Net Metering (VNM) solar credits from a solar panel installation located in North Franklin and Lebanon, CT. With zero upfront cost to the Town to install the solar panels, the electricity generated will be roughly equivalent to the electricity demands for the Town Hall, Fire Station Headquarters, Police Headquarters and 50% of the Sewer Treatment Plant, or 29% of the annual electricity demand for Westport's municipal buildings.

The solar facility will produce approximately 1,627 megawatt hours (mWh) of clean renewable energy this year. The VNM Credits for this electricity production will be sold to Westport at a discounted rate, allowing the town to benefit financially from the solar energy generated, even though the Town's buildings aren't physically connected to the solar facility.

Making a shift to renewable energy is not just good for the environment, it makes smart financial sense. Additionally, there are a number of state programs, special financing and grant opportunities available that make it even more attractive, but navigating the offerings and the process can be challenging. Thanks to the strong support of local government officials, along with the efforts of a handful of town residents with expertise in renewable energy and environmental law who volunteered their time behind the scenes, Westport was able to take advantage of the State's Virtual Net Metering Pilot program, and its Low and Zero Emissions Renewable Energy Credits Program (ZREC).

This new solar installation is just the latest example of town-sponsored programs and choices by Westporters that are moving the town closer to the goal of being Net Zero by 2050. Since 2005 158 Westporters households have chosen to install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on their roofs. And systems can be found on the Longshore golf maintenance building, the Saugatuck train station roof, the Sherwood Island transfer station roof, two fire stations and a small system on a Staples High School roof (roughly equivalent to powering another 100 households.) There is significant potential for additional solar PV, but with heavy tree cover and older buildings not necessarily oriented for solar, Westport off-site renewable energy systems are likely to be a major component of Westport becoming a net zero community. This makes the Virtual Net Metering program a critical element in the Town's sustainable future.

Westport's First Selectman Jim Marpe said Reaching Net Zero by 2050 is only going to be possible through the combined efforts of the town, local businesses, and our residents. I'm so pleased with the team effort that made this Windham Solar project possible. And I'm sure our residents will appreciate the tax dollar savings it's going to generate for many years to come.

Windham Solar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Allco Finance Limited. Allco and its affiliate, Ecos Energy LLC, have developed and operate projects throughout New England, including Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut and has plans to construct a number of additional solar facilities throughout the State of Connecticut. For more information contact Chris Little at

Source: Patch

City of Weston
Capacity: 2.0 MW
Year: 2018


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